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Workforce & Training Needs Committee

Expansion and retention of the New Mexico’s healthcare workforce has been the subject of intense study by the UNM HSC, state agencies, and the State Legislature. It is considered to be a critical requirement toward addressing the improvement of healthcare delivery statewide. In addition, 32 of New Mexico’s 33 counties are classified as Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSA).

The charge to the Work Force and Training Needs Stakeholder Committee is to identify ways to expand the roles of indigenous and community-based health promotion and healthcare providers, to integrate this workforce into statewide public health, primary care, and behavioral health settings; as well as, to recommend strategies to improve recruitment and retention practices of all healthcare professional categories, especially primary care physicians and nurses at all levels. The Committee will develop a three-year Road Map with six-month increments for implementation of strategies.

Committee Meeting Minutes

Community Connectors/Community Health Workers Workgroup

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Community Emergency Medical Systems Workgroup

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Telehealth/Mobile Health Workgroup


  1. Telehealth Services - Identification of Stakeholders
  2. Telehealth Services - Identification of Telehealth Gaps
  3. Telehealth Services - Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats Analysis
  4. Telehealth Services - Comprehensive Project Report & Action Plan



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Recruitment & Retention Workgroup

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Project Funding

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