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Living Care Arrangements

The Developmental Disabilities (DD) Waiver program offers a variety of Living Care Arrangements.  Options are available based on clinical justification.

Please see the Services and Supports section of our website to access the most current DD Waiver service standards for more detailed information on the provision of and requirements for these services.

Customized In-Home Supports

Customized In-Home Supports are intermittent services and/or supports that are individually designed to instruct or enhance home living skills, community skills and to address health and safety as needed. Customized In-Home Supports provides individuals the opportunity to design and manage the services and/or supports needed to live in their own home or their family home.

Family Living

Family Living provides the opportunity to live in a typical family setting when residential habilitation is needed. Services and supports are provided by a natural or host family member, or companion.

Supported Living

Supported Living services are provided to two (2) to four (4) adult individuals in a home that is leased or owned by the individual.

Intensive Medical Living Services

Intensive Medical Living Services are provided in a group home setting and are an option for adults with complex medical needs who require intensive direct nursing care and oversight.

Please visit the Intensive Medical Living Services section of our website to learn more.


Respite is a flexible family support service. The main purpose of respite is to provide support to the individual and give the primary unpaid caregiver time away from their duties. Respite services include assisting with routine activities of daily living and activities in the community.

Nursing Supports

Nursing supports in the home are available to adult DD Waiver recipients with clinical need. Depending on the service model requested, nursing may be bundled into the service and/or requested separately.

Please visit the Adult Nursing Services section of our website to learn more.