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Service Planning and Budgets

Service Planning and budget development start with person-centered thinking, planning and practice.   The Individual Service Plan (ISP) is the document that results from the planning process.  A budget with other required documents are gathered by the case manager who follows the appropriate submission process to obtain prior authorization so that services can be provided.



Person-Centered Thinking values and support individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to make informed choices and exercise the same basic, civil and human rights as other citizens, including dignity of risk.  Dignity of risk is defined as the right of individuals to choose to take some risk in engaging in life experiences.


Person-Centered Planning (PCP) is an ongoing process that identifies what is important to and what is important for a person. The individual with intellectual and/or developmental disability (IDD) is at the center of the process and is encourage to direct the process as much as possible.  No matter what the nature or severity of a person’s disability, there are many ways to identify a person’s strengths, abilities, preferences, needs, and goals. ISP supports people with IDD to exercise the same basic legal, civil and human rights as well as other citizens.


Person-Centered Practice is aligning services and resources to support individuals to achieve individual goals and outcomes that are important to and for them.

Individual Service Plan

The Individual Service Plan (ISP) is a person-centered plan based on an individual’s dreams, aspirations, and desired outcomes. The ISP includes services and supports necessary to achieve personal goals. The information gathered during the PCP process along with various assessments is used to create an ISP.

The ISP is compiled by the case manager and includes:

  • A current written picture of the individual that includes life experiences, strengths, gifts, preferences, relationships, work/volunteer history, and challenges;
  • Depiction of the individual’s life at present time;
  • The individual's dreams and aspirations, long-term visions and desired outcomes;
  • Supports and action plans sufficient to assist the individual to achieve desired outcomes;
  • Medical, therapy and crisis plans needed to support not only desired outcomes, but also existing health, behavioral health, and therapy needs identified by the team to promote health, safety and quality of life, and
  • Individual specific training requirements for team members to ensure the individual receives services from qualified staff.

Developing a Budget

Part of the planning process includes developing an individual budget based on services identified in the ISP.  Prior Authorization for services requested on a budget is necessary for providers to receive payment for services. The budget development and submission process is different for Children and Adults.

Submission for Prior Authorization

The case manager is responsible for submitting the Individual Service Plans (ISP), the budget forms and any other necessary documentation for service and budget approval. DDSD offers a variety of safeguards available to individuals and their families including technical assistance from DDSD Regional Offices and Fair Hearings rights.

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