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Training Unit

Welcome to the DDSD training unit.  We are made up of regional training coordinators in each region of New Mexico, a statewide technical assistance coordinator, and a statewide training coordinator, as well as the training unit manager. We offer trainings, support, resources and technical assistance to trainers, agencies, and teams providing support to the people on the Developmental Disabilities Waiver (DDW).

Our content is divided into 3 primary areas:

Required Training

Please view our Developmental Disabilities Waiver Provider Training Requirements for an orientation on the DDSD training system for DDW providers in New Mexico.

Announcements and Other Training Opportunities

DDSD contracts with UNM Continuum of Care to provide trainings on a number of health-related topics for all professions in our field. Many of these trainings offer continuing education credits for licensed professionals.  UNM Center for Development and Disability also offers an array of trainings on Autism, Customized Employment, and other topics.  For more information about what trainings might be coming up, please visit the Continuum of Care website.

Learn More

Please take a moment to visit the following important resources for training.

Contact Information

Please visit our Training Unit Staff Directory page for staff member contact information.

Recent Activity