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Rules & Regulations

This webpage contains materials from the New Mexico Department of Health (NMDOH) rulemakings conducted after 7/1/2017. This page is updated periodically to include new materials from ongoing or concluded rulemakings of the agency. You can view notices, proposed rules, and adopted rules from this webpage.

To view the complete rulemaking record for any rule listed here for which the rulemaking has concluded, please visit the Rule Hearing Search page on the New Mexico Sunshine Portal website. Pursuant to the State Rules Act, the Sunshine Portal includes materials in addition to those listed here.

Records from rulemakings that concluded prior to 7/1/2017 are not available online, but can be obtained by submitting an Inspection of Public Records Act (IPRA) request for records. To learn more about IPRA, please visit the Inspection of Public Records section of our website.

Pending Rulemakings


Division of Health Improvement

7.8.4 NMAC-General Requirements for Boarding Homes NMAC - Emergency Rule - Assisted Living Facilities for Adults

Office of the Secretary

7.1.30 - Administrative Hearings for Civil Monetary Penalties Issued Pursuant to PHERA

Public Health Division

7.9.2 NMAC - Requirements for Long Term Care Facilities
7.9.2 NMAC - Emergency Rule - Requirements for Long Term Care Facilities

Emergency Medical Systems NMAC , "COVID-19 Public Health Emergency; Approved Deviations from EMS Rules.


Medical Cannabis Program — NMAC 7.34.4,,

Medical Cannabis Program — NMAC

Epidemiology & Response Division — NMAC 7.30.5

Epidemiology & Response Division — NMAC 7.30.14


Certified Nurse Midwives — NMAC 16.11.2

Statewide Immunization Registry — NMAC 7.5.5

Crisis Triage Centers — NMAC 7.30.13

Comprehensive Behavioral Health Standards — NMAC 7.20.2

Concluded Rulemakings


Division of Health Improvement NMAC 7.8.4

Epidemiology & Response Division — NMAC 7.2.2

Medical Cannabis Program — NMAC 7.34.x

Medical Cannabis Program — NMAC


Health Information System Public Access Website — NMAC 7.1.29

Emergency Medical Systems — NMAC 7.27.x