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Chris Emory: Emergency Health Management during COVID-19 April 9, 2020 - Public Relations - Blog

Chris Emory is the Bureau Chief for the Bureau of Health Emergency Management (BHEM), with the Epidemiology and response Division, at the New Mexico Department of Health (NMDOH). « read more »

Sarah Flores-Sievers: Leading NM WIC in Service Innovation February 25, 2020 - Public Relations - Blog

Sarah Flores-Sievers is the Women Infant and Children (WIC) and Farmers Market Director for the New Mexico Department of Health. For 14 years (12 as director) she’s been busy working with local farmers and emerging technologies to better serve New Mexico families. « read more »

Cervical Cancer Awareness Month January 15, 2020 - Public Relations - Blog

This January has been Cervical Cancer Awareness month. Throughout the month, the New Mexico Department of Health (NMDOH) has shared several social media several posts about this important topic. Cervical Cancer IS preventable so educating yourself and others is your best defense. Please read and sha... « read more »

Take Time During the Holidays to Learn Your Family Health History November 22, 2019 - Public Relations - Blog

The Thanksgiving and Christmas season is here. There’s shopping to do, huge meals to prepare and one often overlooked must-do: talking. « read more »

Discover, prevent, and manage diabetes November 4, 2019 - Cabinet Secretary - Blog

Did you know out of approximately 2 million people in New Mexico, more than 567,000 of them have prediabetes? New Mexico has a diabetes problem – and we’re all part of the solution. « read more »

Why the Federal “Public Charge Rule” will Increase Healthcare Costs and Public Health Risk in New Mexico September 12, 2019 - Cabinet Secretary - Blog

A new federal rule is scheduled to go into effect October 15, that will reduce access to needed healthcare services, increase healthcare costs, and may precipitate public health risks like infectious childhood disease outbreaks. « read more »

ALERT: 5 Important Ways to Prevent West Nile and Other Mosquito-Borne Illnesses August 23, 2019 - Cabinet Secretary - Blog

West Nile Virus has been reported in New Mexico, and a woman in Doña Ana County was recently hospitalized for the disease. Cases of West Nile Virus in New Mexico have occurred every year since 2003. Infections in humans occur seasonally, with the peak of cases in late summer and early fall. « read more »

New DDSD Director Eager to Improve Experience for Individuals with IDD August 5, 2019 - Cabinet Secretary - Blog

The new director of the Developmental Disabilities Supports Division (DDSD) Jason Cornwell is determined to make meaningful changes for individuals with Intellectual Developmental Disabilities (IDD) in New Mexico. This includes changing how the average person thinks about people with disabilities. « read more »

The Role All of Us Play in Public Health April 2, 2019 - Cabinet Secretary - Blog

Think about the efforts you put in – or know you should and don’t – for the good of your health. Diet, exercise – two words we know are the key to living our best lives can be daunting responsibilities when you’re just one person but imagine if you were responsible not just for your health... « read more »

100 Years and the Start of a New Era January 9, 2019 - Cabinet Secretary - Blog

Change is natural. It happens all the time, but did you know one thing that hasn’t changed for 100 years? The New Mexico Department of Health has been here to provide for a healthier New Mexico. « read more »