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The Emergency Medical Systems Bureau (EMSB) is designated as the lead agency for the emergency medical services system, including injury prevention, and establishes and maintains programs for regional planning and development, improvement, expansion and direction of emergency medical services throughout the state. The EMSB accomplishes these goals through the provision, design, development and implementation of various programs and initiatives.

These initiatives include the Administration of EMS Fund Act, EMS Communication Systems, Certification of Ambulance Services, Certification of EMS Programs, Statewide collection of data with the New Mexico EMS Tracking & Reporting System (NMEMSTARS), Adoption of Rules for EMS, Approval of EMS Continuing Education & Training Programs, Licensing of EMS personnel, Authorization for Providers to honor Advance Directives such as Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) and Medical Orders for Scope of Treatment (MOST), Operation of Critical Incident Stress Management program, establishment of statewide Trauma Care system, and adoption of EMS Stroke/STEMI (STEMI) program.

Important Notices

EMS COVID-2019 Preparedness and Guidance

New 2018 Guideline

See the Fatigue Risk Management Guidelines for Emergency Medical Services for more information.

If you have questions regarding the NCCP model or requirements for renewal of NR certification then please visit the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians website.

NOTE: You are NOT required to maintain your National Registry of EMTs (NREMT) certification as a requirement to renew your New Mexico EMT license. You must meet the New Mexico CE requirements for license renewal in order to continue to function as an EMT in New Mexico.

EMS Fund Act FY 2022 Special Project Applications and Guidelines

Please remember to contact your Regional office before submitting your applications. The EMS Fund Act FY 2022 Special Projects document, applications, and guides are revised as of July 2019

Please visit the Fund Act page for more information.

FY 22 EMS Fund Act & Annual Reports Available

The new local funding program and annual service report forms are now available. Visit our Fund Act page and read these applications carefully, as there may be changes.

Background Checks Required

Background checks are now required on every initial licensure. Background checks for renewal of licensure will be completed on every other license renewal period (every 4 years). Due to the volume of background checks to be processed, fingerprint backgrounds are required. Visit the Background Screening section of our licensing page to learn more.

Automatic External Defibrillators

New Mexico State Police have now equipped their patrol units with Automatic External Defibrillators (AED). This is an integral part of the Department of Public Safety (DPS) mission assisting in the early recognition and treatment of cardiac emergencies.

Often times State Police are first on the scene of a medical emergency incident before fire and rescue or EMS, with the addition of AEDs to their units, the chances of individuals surviving sudden cardiac events is greatly increased.

The EMSB recognizes the DPS for their role in first response and the cardiac arrest chain of survival. Visit our Targeted Cardiac Response page to learn more about AED regulations and AED program registration.

Essential Information


EMT License Plate

Special license plates for emergency medical technicians that has the New Mexico emergency medical services logo on the left.

If you possess a current Emergency Medical Service (EMS) certificate, you can apply to don this special license plate on your vehicle. Beyond the customary registration fee, there is an extra fee to obtain these special EMT plates. Fill out the EMS License Plate Order Form to get your special plates today!