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Services and Supports

The DD Waiver program provides an array of residential, in home, community, employment, therapeutic and family support services for children and adults. The DD Waiver is funded with state general funds appropriated by the New Mexico State Legislature and is matched with federal funds from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. DD Waiver services are intended to add to, not replace, other supports a person has like medical services through New Mexico’s Medicaid State Plan, natural supports and other community services.

Provider Selection Guide

DDSD has developed the Provider Selection Guide to assist individuals/families to select the right provider for their support needs. Please visit the Provider Selection Guide section of our website to learn more.


The following is a list of covered DD Waiver services for adults 18 years and older. Detailed descriptions and requirements for providers of the service are detailed in the DDW Service Standards

Case Management

Please visit the Case Management section of our website to learn more.

Living Care Arrangements

Includes customized in home supports, family living, supported living, intensive medical living services and respite.  Please visit the Living Care Arrangements section of our website to learn more.

Community Supports and Employment

Includes customized community supports and community integrated employment.  Please visit the Community Supports and Employment section of our website to learn more.

Professional Services

Includes hysical therapy, speech and communication therapy, occupational therapy, and behavior support consultation.  Please visit the Professional and Clinical Services section of our website to learn more.

Other Waiver Services

Includes adult nursing, preliminary risk screening and consultation, socialization and sexuality education, supplemental dental care and nutritional counseling; environmental modification, personal support technology, assistive technology, independent living transition, non-medical transportation and crisis supports.



All services covered under the DD Waiver program are available to adults, age 18 years or older, based on clinical justification or medical necessity.


Children’s category services is a subgroup of waiver services. Not all DD Waiver services are available to children.  Children’s category applies to individuals under the age of 18 these services include:

  • Case Management
  • Behavior Support Consultation
  • Customized Community Support (Individual)
  • Respite
  • Non-Medical Transportation
  • Supplemental Dental Care
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Environmental Modifications.

Children also have access to services such as: the Medicaid School Based Services Program, the Medicaid Early Periodic Screening Diagnosis and Treatment (EPSDT) Program, services offered by the New Mexico State Department of Education, or the Early Childhood Education and Care Department.  For the purposes of EPSDT service eligibility, child means and individual under the age of 21.

Service Standards


DDSD has standards to guide service delivery and promote the health and safety of individuals served by DDW Provider Agencies.

All Provider Agencies must have a contract with the Department of Health to provide DDW services and must comply with all applicable standards.

Please visit the Provider Enrollment section of our website for information about becoming a DD Waiver Provider Agency.