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Asthma Control Program


Photo of the publication cover. Asthma Pictorial Action Plan Asthma - Form February 12, 2019

The pictorial asthma action plan is a patient education tool intended to supplement the asthma action plan. It is designed to engage children and families in asthma self-management and improve overall measures of asthma control.

Plan Gráfico de Acción de Asma

Photo of the publication cover. Asthma Action Plan for Schools Asthma - Form February 12, 2019

This action plan form was created by the New Mexico Council on Asthma (NMCOA) for school nurses, health care providers and families. It allows for an individual action plan to be developed for each student to ensure proper handling of asthma based on severity.

Plan de acción contra el asma para las Escuelas

Photo of the publication cover. Asthma Data Request Form Asthma - Form October 10, 2017

This form is used to collect the most recent asthma related data critical for policy development and program planning in the state.

Photo of the publication cover. Asthma Home Visiting Program with Promotoras 2015 Asthma - Report March 21, 2017

The purpose was to evaluate the development, implementation, and outcomes associated with a new asthma home visiting program serving client families from a Federally Qualified Health Center in the southeast region of New Mexico, where asthma-related hospitalizations and emergency department visits have historically been higher than the New Mexico state rate.

Photo of the publication cover. Asthma Strategic Evaluation Plan 2015-2016 Asthma - Report March 21, 2017

The New Mexico Asthma Control Program has concluded evaluation activities from program year 2015-2016. Evaluation activities include: Nor-Lea General Hospital Asthma Self-Management Program, La Casa Home Visiting Program, and Envision University of New Mexico Quality Improvement Project.

Photo of the publication cover. Spanish-speaking Parents of Children with Asthma Asthma - Report March 21, 2017

Nuestra Salud partnered with the New Mexico Department of Health Asthma Control Program in 2015-2016 to implement a series of focus groups to increase understanding about asthma care and control among Spanish-speaking Hispanic families who have children with asthma.

Photo of the publication cover. Asthma Control Program Logic Model Asthma - General May 11, 2015

The Logic Model is a Program Evaluation tool. It helps project partners see how the resources and activities of the NMACP program connect and contribute to desired health outcomes.

Photo of the publication cover. NMCOA Evaluation of Meetings & Attendance Asthma - Meeting June 5, 2014

This document provides an evaluation of meetings and attendance for all New Mexico Commission on Asthma (NMCOA) meetings held and is updated periodically. It provides a list of commonly held credentials and affiliations, number of meetings, number of participants who have attended, attendees per meeting, and annual averages for attendance.

Photo of the publication cover. Breathing Easy in New Mexico: Addressing the Burden of Asthma through Action 2014-2019 Asthma - Plan April 25, 2014

Asthma is a widespread and serious health condition, particularly for children, which requires regular and consistent health care to control. The NMCOA is poised to improve asthma care and outcomes in the state through professional and community outreach. This document highlights the work of the NMCOA to date, the current state of asthma in New Mexico, goals and objectives for the next five years.

Photo of the publication cover. Asthma Brochure Asthma - Marketing April 1, 2014

This double-sided tri-fold brochure explains general information about our asthma program including statistics, contact information, and a list of website resources to learn more about asthma.

Photo of the publication cover. Report Says Asthma Care Needs Work Asthma - General February 20, 2014

Of the nearly one in 10 New Mexicans who have asthma, more than a third of children and nearly half of adults have the disease under poor control, according to a new state Department of Health report. The chronic lung disease causes some 7,700 emergency room visits and 1,800 hospitalizations a year in New Mexico, ringing up an estimated $30 million a year in hospital charges, the report found.

Photo of the publication cover. Asthma Triggers in the Car Fact Sheet Asthma - Help May 6, 2013

Second-hand smoke, even in small amounts, is proven harmful to children and adults. It can bring on an asthma episode. Children are most frequently exposed to second-hand smoke in the car and in the home. A top protection is to eliminate tobacco in the car and home. The best way to protect a child from second-hand smoke is eliminating smoking in the car and home.

Photo of the publication cover. Guidelines for Diagnosis & Management of Asthma Asthma - Guide October 16, 2012

This guideline is based on the recommendations from the NAEPP EPR-3 and is intended to assist the clinician in the diagnosis and management of asthma and should not be construed as a replacement for individualized evaluation and treatment based on clinical circumstances.

Photo of the publication cover. Managing Asthma in New Mexico Schools Asthma - Guide May 16, 2012

It is our hope and expectation that school districts will use this manual as a guide to enlist the cooperation of all members of the school community. The sections on Asthma (3), the Student with Asthma (4), and the Asthma Friendly School (5) provide general information useful to all members of the community. The remaining sections (6-14) contain more specific information pertinent to individual members of the community. Finally section 15 lists a variety of helpful resources for everyone's use.

Photo of the publication cover. Second-Hand Smoke and Asthma Fact Sheet Asthma - Help January 1, 2011

This fact sheet explains how secondhand and third-hand smoke effects asthma, how tobacco smoke can trigger an asthma attack, how to protect yourself and your children, and provides tips on how to politely ask someone not to smoke around you.