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Staff Directory

This directory of staff members contains only those people whom are specified as the point of contact for a particular topic. It is not a complete list of all NMDOH staff members.

Please visit the New Mexico State Telephone Directory web page to find contact information for all state agencies. It does not provide phone numbers for individual state employees.



Name Position Topic Phone
Acuna, Melissa Coordinator Developmental Disabilities (575) 246-0023
Aguilera, Rudy, Mi Via Program Coordinator Coordinator Developmental Disabilities 505-239-7826
Alvarado, Brenda Coordinator Border Health 575-528-5146
Alwin, Troy Coordinator Emergency Response Education 505-476-8208
Anaya, Joseph Human Resources and Labor Specialist-A Developmental Disabilities (505) 476-8926
Anderson, Cheryle Eligibility Worker Developmental Disabilities (505) 372-8018
Aragon, Angela Intake and Eligibility Specialist Developmental Disabilities (505) 318-7926
Archuleta, Jacob, NE & NW Training Coordinator Training Coordinator Developmental Disabilities (505) 452-6883
Armijo, April Registered Nurse Developmental Disabilities (505) 670-9587
Armijo, Krystal, Mi Via Program Coordinator Program Coordinator Mi Via Self-Directed Waiver 505-252-3087
Armijo, Lawrence Budget Analyst Developmental Disabilities (505) 690-1520
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Name Position Topic Phone
Baca, Diane, PASRR Registered Nurse Registered Nurse Developmental Disabilities 505-313-1249
Baca, Sylvia Operations Manager Breast and Cervical Cancer 505-252-3050
Baker, Glenda Registered Nurse Developmental Disabilities (575) 915-8352
Barela, Krystal Administrative Assistant Developmental Disabilities (505) 476-2742
Barth, Tammy Provider Enrollment Manager Developmental Disabilities 505-469-8480
Bartram, Priscilla Administrator Border Health 575-528-5135
Battle, Marcia Coordinator Developmental Disabilities (505) 595-4772
Bauer, Holly Clinical Director Sequoyah Adolescent Treatment Center 505-222-0341
Bays, Sherri, CPA Finance Director Fort Bayard Medical Center 575-537-8600 x8606
Becvarik, Charles Coordinator EMS Tracking & Reporting System 505-476-8247
Bieber , Matt Communications Director Communications Office 505-470-2290
Bingham, Rachel Coordinator Emergency Response Education 505-476-8236
Blake, Nancy Coordinator Emergency Response Education 505-476-8250
Bonarrigo , Anthony, Mi Via Program Coordinator Program Coordinator Mi Via Self-Directed Waiver 505-239-7826
Bravo, Juana, Soc/Com Service Coordinator Southeast Liaison Supports Waiver (575) 840-4997
Brooks, Angie Region Director Developmental Disabilities (575) 915-8345
Brown, Kimberly Coordinator Strategic National Stockpile 505-476-8248
Bruggeman, Libby, Cancer Section Epidemiologist / BCC Program Data Manager Epidemiologist/Data Manager Breast and Cervical Cancer 505-280-3639
Burgos, Marcos, MD Medical Director Tuberculosis Prevention 505-272-8441
Burkross, Tom Supervisor Developmental Disabilities (505) 249-8426
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Name Position Topic Phone
Caddy, Lynn Analyst Developmental Disabilities (505) 554-8359
Carino, Micky Eligibility Worker Developmental Disabilities (505) 372-8021
Carrillo, Rebeca Billing Specialist Breast and Cervical Cancer 505-469-6756 Cell
Casaus, Isabel, Community Inclusion Coordinator Coordinator Developmental Disabilities (575) 932-8221
Chacon, Susan Children's Medical Services Program Manager Children's Medical Services 505-476-8860
Chairez, Maira Coordinator Developmental Disabilities (575) 246-6108
Charleston, Orlinda Coordinator Developmental Disabilities (505) 394-3288
Chavez, Caroline, Metro Crisis Specialist Specialist Behavioral Support Services (505) 263-1462
Chavez, David Specialist Developmental Disabilities (505) 629-8506
Clark, Heather, Statewide Clinical Director Statewide Clinical Director Behavioral Support Services (505) 360-0371
Clark, Linda Director Developmental Disabilities (505) 589-8133
Clevenger, Iris, RN MA BSN CCM Manager Developmental Disabilities 505-841-2913
Conde, Laria Eligibility Worker Developmental Disabilities (505) 372-8019
Cornwell, Jason Division Director Developmental Disabilities (505) 660-3453
Coronado, Eirian Program Manager Maternal & Child Health Epidemiology 505-476-8895
Crook, Joy, MD, MPH Medical Director Emergency Medical Systems
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Name Position Topic Phone
Dahl, Fleur, Soc/Com Service Coordinator Metro Liaison Supports Waiver 505-503-3846
De Leon, Steve Instructional Designer Emergency Response Education 505-476-8338
DeAguero, Gina Surveyor Developmental Disabilities (505) 231-9823
DeBerry, Mary, Nurse Generalist Nurse Generalist Developmental Disabilities 505-841-5551
DeCamp, Cassandra Manager Developmental Disabilities (505) 437-8170
Doan, Scott Director Developmental Disabilities (505) 660-3453
Doman, Brooke Epidemiologist Community Health Assessment
Driskell, Micheal Director Developmental Disabilities (505) 595-4458
Dukes, Amber Manager Behavioral Risk Factors Surveillance 505-476-3569
Duran, Elizabeth Eligibility Worker Developmental Disabilities (505) 372-8015
Durant, Wanda, Metro Behavior Specialist Specialist Behavioral Support Services (505) 206-1424
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Name Position Topic Phone
Emerine-Danbury, Maura Coordinator Developmental Disabilities (505) 569-9426
Enriquez, Libby, RN, Nurse Consultant Tuberculosis Prevention 575-528-5108
Espinosa, David, Statewide Training Coordinator Region Director Developmental Disabilities 505-280-4505
Espinoza, Veronica Supervisor Developmental Disabilities (505) 819-8439
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Name Position Topic Phone
Farnsworth, Connie Manager Developmental Disabilities (505) 280-3739
Fernandez, Anysia, Supports Waiver Program Manager Program Manager Supports Waiver 505-629-7476
Finley, Elizabeth (Betsy) Bureau Chief Developmental Disabilities 505-841-2907
Flinn-Gildersleeve, Erin Clinical Services Manager Breast and Cervical Cancer 505-420-2531
Flores, Eloise Financial Specialist Developmental Disabilities (505) 629-2646
Fresquez, Debbie Administrative Assistant Developmental Disabilities (575) 624-6100 x110
Friedland, Mark Analyst Developmental Disabilities (505) 452-7366
Futey, Christopher Bureau Chief Developmental Disabilities 505-222-8654
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Name Position Topic Phone
Gallagher, Gwendolyn Epidemiologist Northeast Public Health Region 505-476-2660
Gantz, Evonne Prevention Injury Prevention 505-827-6870
Gaona, Frank Coordinator Developmental Disabilities 505-795-2821
Garcia Nunez, Karla Case Manager - UNM Breast and Cervical Cancer 505-272-5446
Garcia-Saavedra, Luigi Epidemiologist Injury Prevention 505-476-3607
Gomez, Cynthia Billing Specialist Breast and Cervical Cancer 505-372-8487
Green, Dan Epidemiologist Injury Prevention 505-476-1779
Gregory, Leif Chief Security Officer Security Office 505-476-1684
Griego, Felicia Registered Nurse Developmental Disabilities (505) 389-5999
Griego, Marie Financial Specialist Developmental Disabilities (505) 629-6382
Griego, Peggy Ann, Paramedic/NREMTP Manager EMS Licensing 505-263-3561
Groblebe, Michele Manager Developmental Disabilities (575) 708-0700
Gutierrez, Steven Coordinator Developmental Disabilities (505) 259-7926
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Name Position Topic Phone
Hergert, Danielle Psychologist Developmental Disabilities (505) 437-8165
Hernandez, Melisa, Behavior Specialist Specialist Behavioral Support Services (575) 416-3462
Hernandez, Nicole Eligibility Worker Developmental Disabilities (505) 372-8017
Herrera, Denise Eligibility Worker Developmental Disabilities 505-389-3664
Herrera, Michelle Coordinator Developmental Disabilities (505) 670-3803
Herrera, Yolanda Coordinator Developmental Disabilities 505-841-5882
Hill, Christina, Deputy Bureau Chief Deputy Bureau Chief Developmental Disabilities Waiver 505-690-4094
Hill, Elaine, Mi Via Program Manager Program Manager Mi Via Self-Directed Waiver 505-506-6103
Hine, Wendy Case Manager - UNM Breast and Cervical Cancer 505-272-1789
Hoefs, Cindy Coordinator Developmental Disabilities (575) 246-0029
Holguin, Lorrain, LSW Social Services Fort Bayard Medical Center 575-537-8900 x8759
Holmes, Ivy Registered Nurse Developmental Disabilities (505) 490-7109
Husman, Wanda Registered Nurse Developmental Disabilities (505) 372-8016
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Name Position Topic Phone
Irish, Guy Coordinator Developmental Disabilities (575) 244-4550
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Name Position Topic Phone
James, Sabrina, Statewide Crisis Coordinator/Administrator Administrator Developmental Disabilities (505) 900-4365
Johnson Herrera, Katherine, Community Inclusion Coordinator Northwest Liaison Supports Waiver (505) 592-2672
Joplin, Aaron, Soc/Com Service Coordinator Liaison Mi Via Self-Directed Waiver 505-478-3035
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Name Position Topic Phone
Karingada, Sally Compliance Officer Developmental Disabilities (505) 469-7206
Kee, Dottie Administrative Assistant Developmental Disabilities (505) 373-4766
Kenaley, Dan Surveyor Developmental Disabilities (505) 795-1054
Kesler, Tammy Manager Developmental Disabilities (505) 629-8358
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Name Position Topic Phone
Larson, Teresa Bureau Chief Developmental Disabilities (505) 469-3291
Lassiter, Deborah Coordinator Developmental Disabilities (575) 932-8226
Lavy, Jason Manager Developmental Disabilities 505-222-4614
Lee, Whashin Registered Nurse Developmental Disabilities (505) 388-8992
Leon, Felix Medical Technician Developmental Disabilities 505-222-4615
Lesarlley, Kathryn Eligibility Worker Developmental Disabilities (505) 372-8022
Lewis, Kisha, PASRR Social Worker Social Worker Developmental Disabilities (505) 274-6786
Leyba, Selina Statewide Case Management Coordinator Developmental Disabilities Waiver (505) 372-9624
Leyva, Travis Program Director Border Health 575-528-5031
Lisotto, Lorraine Nurse Coordinator Breast and Cervical Cancer 505-521-9782 Cell
Lister, Daniel Clerk Specialist Developmental Disabilities (505) 595-5173
Lopez, Jaime, Generalist Liaison Mi Via Self-Directed Waiver 575-636-5731
Lopez-Branch, Loretta Human Resources and Labor Specialist-A Developmental Disabilities (505) 670-2871
Lopez-Madrid, Rosa Administrative Assistant Developmental Disabilities 505-841-2948
Lowery, Rita, Statewide Receptionist/Administrative Assistant Admin Support Behavioral Support Services (575) 779-2109
Lucero, Daniel Bureau Chief Developmental Disabilities (505) 697-9125
Lyon, Michelle Region Director Developmental Disabilities (575) 246-0024
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Name Position Topic Phone
Manz, Gregory Program Manager Emergency Response Education 505-476-8218
Marquez, Anna, PASRR Social Worker Social Worker Developmental Disabilities 505-372-8025
Marquez, Jacqueline Administrative Assistant Developmental Disabilities 575-571-3824
Marquez, Luke, Mi Via Program Coordinator Program Coordinator Developmental Disabilities 505-252-3087
Martinez, Ann Coordinator EMS Fund Act 505-476-8233
Martinez, Brenda Registered Nurse Developmental Disabilities (505) 476-2739
Martinez, Moses Eligibility Worker Developmental Disabilities (505) 362-8613
Martinez, Sandyeva, PASRR Supervisor Supervisor Developmental Disabilities (505) 469-6950
Martinez-Romero, Bernice Human Resources Director Sequoyah Adolescent Treatment Center 505-222-0304
Mascerenas, Brittney Litigation Manager Developmental Disabilities (505) 841-5526
Matakovich, Marga Program Manager Northeast Public Health Region 505-476-2675
Maxwell, Chris Surveyor Developmental Disabilities (505) 318-7311
McCravey, Cheyenne Prevention Substance Use Epidemiology 505-827-2427
McNab, Jenni Director Developmental Disabilities (505) 595-5328
McPhee, John Prevention Injury Prevention 505-827-2582
Meadows, Sarah Coordinator Injury Prevention 505-827-5146
Medina, Debra Southeast Liaison Supports Waiver (575) 840-5080
Mendoza, Romelia Secretary Developmental Disabilities (505) 350-0034
Miramontes, Lynette Specialist Border Health 575-528-5093
Mixon, Laura, Crisis Specialist Specialist Behavioral Support Services 575-779-3840
Montano, Consuelo Case Manager Breast and Cervical Cancer 505-250-6493 Cell
Montoya, Magdelyn Case Manager Developmental Disabilities (505) 476-2744
MontoyaDenison, Brenda, MPH, BSN, RN Program Manager Tuberculosis Prevention 505-231-8573
Moore, Terry Ann Coordinator Developmental Disabilities (505) 331-6365
Morgan, David Media & Social Media Manager Communications Office 575-528-5197
Morris, Tiffany, Soc/Com Service Coordinator Liaison Developmental Disabilities 505-259-7296
Murphy, Tierney, MD Epidemiologist Injury Prevention 505-827-6816
Murray, Linda Coordinator Developmental Disabilities (505) 908-0103
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Name Position Topic Phone
Naranjo, David, Soc/Com Service Coordinator Northeast Liaison Supports Waiver (505) 551-2509
Newman, Mariann, Crisis Specialist Specialist Behavioral Support Services 505-660-8522
Nielsen, Cynthia Nurse Coordinator Breast and Cervical Cancer 505-521-9781
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Name Position Topic Phone
Ojinaga-Contreras, Shannon Admissions Director Fort Bayard Medical Center 575-537-8900 x8636
Osborne, Dave Developer Developmental Disabilities (505) 222-6625
Otolo, Alicia, Mi Via Program Coordinator Program Coordinator Mi Via Self-Directed Waiver 505-239-7826
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Name Position Topic Phone
Pacheco, Angela Region Director Developmental Disabilities (505) 614-4222
Perez, Amelia Clerk Specialist Developmental Disabilities (505) 470-5825
Perez-Lockett, Katharine Epidemiologist Border Health 575-528-5103
Peterson, Tammy Registered Nurse Developmental Disabilities (505) 270-1243
Pierce, Erica, MBA Coordinator Developmental Disabilities 505-383-9000
Pierce, Julie Litigation Manager Developmental Disabilities (505) 681-7451
Pina, Christy Statewide Training Coordinator Developmental Disabilities (505) 470-3760
Pinkerton, Beth, Cancer Section Director / Program Manager Program Manager Breast and Cervical Cancer 505-250-3491
Pohl, Angelina Executive Assistant Developmental Disabilities (505) 639-6903
Porter, Leslie, Crisis Specialist Specialist Behavioral Support Services 575-997-5769
Position, Vacant Specialist Behavioral Support Services
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Name Position Topic Phone
Rede, Brandi Coordinator Developmental Disabilities 575-932-8160
Reed, Danielle Evaluator Injury Prevention 505-827-0255
Reese, Abigail, PHD, CNM Maternal Health Program Manager Maternal & Child Health 505-231-6817
Rivera, Bernice Eligibility Worker Developmental Disabilities 505-372-8023
Rodriguez, Jennifer, Acting Program Manager Bureau Chief Developmental Disabilities (505) 670-2407
Rodriguez, Rhonda Coordinator Developmental Disabilities 505-476-9093
Rodriquez, Crystal Generalist Developmental Disabilities 575-915-8454
Rodriquez, Jason Coordinator Developmental Disabilities 575-728-4589
Romero, Gabriel Purchasing Agent Developmental Disabilities (505) 490-1622
Romero, Nichole Health Promotion Specialist Northeast Public Health Region 575-445-3601
Roth, Jennifer, SW Program Manager Program Manager Developmental Disabilities (505) 629-7476
Roybal, Kristy Coordinator Developmental Disabilities (505) 280-3876
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Name Position Topic Phone
Safi, Safia Health Educator Breast and Cervical Cancer 505-220-9717
Salas, Juanita Program Manager Developmental Disabilities (505) 553-0117
Salas, Melissa, RN Director of Nursing Fort Bayard Medical Center 575-537-8900 x8729
Salazar, Stephanie Soc/Com Service Coordinator Maternal & Child Health 505-470-4891
Sanchez, Jaclyn, Community Inclusion Coordinator Metro Liaison Supports Waiver 505-449-8624
Sanchez-Corral, Angie Coordinator Border Health 575-528-5123
Sanders, Marie Registered Nurse Developmental Disabilities 505-670-9270
Sandoval, Amy Health Promotion Specialist Northeast Public Health Region 505-827-0837
Sandoval, Carmela Administrator Sequoyah Adolescent Treatment Center 505-222-0355
Sandoval, Renee Coordinator EMS Licensing 505-476-8234
Santistevan, Rita, Behavioral Specialist Specialist Behavioral Support Services (505) 414-1961
Saxton, Cathy Coordinator Developmental Disabilities (505) 634-8873
Scarton, Steve Statewide Transition Lead Developmental Disabilities 505-819-8630
Schan, Steven Data Manager Developmental Disabilities (505) 362-5472
Schiffman, Kim Accountant/Auditor Developmental Disabilities (505) 670-2781
Schuessler, Barbara Liaison Developmental Disabilities (505) 249-4710
Seefeldt, Susan, Bureau Chief Bureau Chief Behavioral Support Services 505-220-0580
Session, Stephanie , Executive Assistant Executive Assistant Developmental Disabilities (505) 225-4649
Shorty, Tiara, Primary Prevention Coordinator Prevention Injury Prevention 505-476-3082
Sierra, Erlinda Human Resources Director Fort Bayard Medical Center 575-537-8900 x8669
Sievers, Marla Program Manager Healthcare-Associated Infections 505-476-3431
Snow, Laine HIV, STD and Hepatitis Section Manager HIV Prevention
Spicer, Lori Registered Nurse Developmental Disabilities 575-244-4247
Stewart, Dora Supervisor Developmental Disabilities 575-528-5188
Stewart, Justin Supervisor Developmental Disabilities (505) 803-1959
Stolarztck, Lisa, MD Medical Director Fort Bayard Medical Center 575-537-8900
Stone-Romero, Casey Community Inclusion Manager Developmental Disabilities (505) 467-9272
Storti, Lisa Constituent Supports Manager Developmental Disabilities 505-670-2810
Strain, Corrina Nurse Coordinator Breast and Cervical Cancer 505-328-9782
Swatek, Joshua Program Manager Harm Reduction
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Name Position Topic Phone
Thomas, Louise Administrative Assistant Developmental Disabilities (505) 863-9937 x100
Tomashot, Teresa, Statewide Training Manager Training Manager Developmental Disabilities (575) 770-7475
Tookey, Carol, Registered Nurse Registered Nurse Developmental Disabilities 505-444-3710
True, Theresa Purchasing Agent Developmental Disabilities (505) 490-0994
Trujillo, Christa Health Promotion Specialist Northeast Public Health Region 505-753-7991
Trujillo, Roberta Surveyor Developmental Disabilities (505) 252-0611
Trujillo, Ryan, Metro Behavior Specialist Behavior Specialist Developmental Disabilities (505) 795-2844
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Name Position Topic Phone
Valdez, James Bureau Chief Developmental Disabilities (505) 216-8851
Valerio, Renee Eligibility Worker Developmental Disabilities (505) 372-8024
VanOstrand, Lisa Billing Specialist Breast and Cervical Cancer 505-231-4442
Vargas, Blanca Health Educator Breast and Cervical Cancer 505-546-7576
Velasco, Marie DDW Program Manager Developmental Disabilities Waiver 505-660-0766
Vering, Debbie Deputy Director Developmental Disabilities 505-476-8962
Vidro, Felicia Coordinator Developmental Disabilities 505-841-5878
Vigil, Crystal, Legal Support Worker Legal Support Worker Developmental Disabilities 505-364-2440
Vigil, Eugene Liaison Mi Via Self-Directed Waiver (575) 246-0027 x123
Vigil, G.Gabriel, Statewide Crisis Coordinator Supervisor Statewide Crisis Coordinator Behavioral Support Services (505) 900-4365
Vigil, G.Gabriel, Crisis Specialist Specialist Clinical Services (505) 660-8522
Viljoen, Jacoba (Kotie), Ph.D., MSN-Ed, RN, CCRN-K, CDDN Coordinator Developmental Disabilities 505-841-6188
Vincent, Anthony Registered Nurse Developmental Disabilities (505) 699-8460
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Name Position Topic Phone
Walker, André Art Director Communications Office 575-528-5153
Waters, Janine Program Manager Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Welch, Suzanne Coordinator Developmental Disabilities (505) 415-0279
Wenker, Chris Geographic Information System Community Health Assessment 505-827-2589
Wexler, Rachel Prevention Injury Prevention 505-709-5436
Whiteside, Christopher Epidemiologist Behavioral Risk Factors Surveillance 505-476-3595
Whitten, Susanna Coordinator Developmental Disabilities (505) 859-9234
Winder, Todd, MBA, MHA, LNHA Administrator Fort Bayard Medical Center 575-537-8900 x8604
Winter, Miles Eligibility Worker Developmental Disabilities 505-372-8020
Winters, Madelon, Behavioral Specialist Behavior Specialist Developmental Disabilities (575) 635-0683
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Name Position Topic Phone
Yanez, Evangeline Staff Manager Developmental Disabilities 505-415-0566
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Name Position Topic Phone
Zollinger, Anna Coordinator Developmental Disabilities 505-437-8927
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