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Immunization Registries Reporting

This page discusses several interoperability topics relative to immunization.

Essential Information

Please see the following important documents.

  • NMSIIS User Security and Confidentiality Agreement
  • NMSIIS Participant Organization Security and Confidentiality Agreement
  • NMSIIS Provider and EHR Information Sheet
  • NMSIIS System Specification Guide
  • NMSIIS Data List of Common Errors

Data Exchange Criteria

A quick snapshot of what we look for when doing data exchange includes the following.

  • Send Data via WSDL or Webservices — These are the transport routes that need to be used.
  • We do not take SFTP transport.
  • We will provide the Web Service Guide for Transmission when credentials are ready to be sent out to begin testing.
  • Send Data in HL7 version 2.5.1 — We are always working to stay in compliance with the CDC standards and specifications.
  • Send Data with CVX vaccine coding — We do not accept CPT vaccine codes.
  • Send Data containing Vaccines for Children (VFC) eligibility if your location participates in the VFC program.
    • NMSIIS will no longer be using VFC Funding Source VXC1 (VFC) and VXC 2 (State). If you use these codes, please replace with the Funding Source to VXC50 PEDIATRIC.
    • If you are using VXC51 or VXC52 it is also recommended that you change to VXC50.
  • Example of VFC Eligibility:
    • OBX|1|CE|64994-7^Vaccine funding program eligibility category^LN|1|V03^VFC Eligible - Uninsured <= 18 yrs old^HL70064||||||F|||20190102144046|||VXC40^Eligibility captured at the Immunization level^CDCPHINVS
    • OBX|2|CE|30963-3^Vaccine Funding Source^LN|1|VXC50^Public ^CDCPHINVS||||||F|||20190102144046

In first quarter of 2020 we hope to roll out a new way to register for on boarding with the immunization registry. For additional information please reach out to us at our address.