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Crisis Support


The Developmental Disabilities Supports Division (DDSD) is moving to the Health Care Authority (HCA). Our current webpages have moved to the Official HCA Website. Please go there for all future DDSD updates.

Developmental Disabilities Waiver

Developmental Disabilities Waiver (DDW) crisis supports are designed to provide an intensive level of supports by trained, seasoned staff to an individual experiencing a behavioral or medical crisis. These supports are requested through BBS regional staff and may be provided within the individual’s present residence or in an alternate residential setting. Please see Chapter 8 of the Developmental Disabilities Waiver Service Standards for more information regarding this DDW service.


Please see our Crisis Supports Presentation for more information regarding accessing crisis supports and how to apply to be a provider.

Crisis Line

Our statewide crisis line 505-250-4292 is answered evenings and weekends.


BBS offers technical assistance and Behavioral Supports Training on a variety of topics including positive behavioral, crisis and sexuality supports, community inclusion, human rights, and dignity of risk.

Contact Information

Please visit our Behavioral Support Services Staff Directory page for a listing of our staff members and their contact information.