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The Developmental Disabilities Supports Division (DDSD) is moving to the Health Care Authority (HCA). Our current webpages have moved to the Official HCA Website. Please go there for all future DDSD updates.

Health and Wellness supports are available in Mi Via to assist participants with medically related or behavioral health needs that are not covered by their health plan and will enhance the participant’s ability to remain in his/her home and community. These supports are provided by a licensed health professional and include: Skilled Therapy (OT, PT and SLP) for Adults who are 21 years old and older; Behavior Support Consultation; Nutritional Counseling; Private Duty Nursing for Adults who are 21 years old and older; and the specific list of Specialized Therapies that are covered by Mi Via.

Please see the Mi Via Self-Directed Waiver Service Standards - Appendix A: Service Descriptions in Detail for more information.

Extended State Plan Skilled Therapies for Adults

Extended Skilled Therapy for Adults may include physical therapy, occupational therapy or speech language therapy when skilled therapy services under the Medicaid State Plan are exhausted or are not a benefit. Adult participants, 21 years and older, in Mi Via access therapy services under the Medicaid state plan for acute and temporary conditions that are expected to improve significantly in a reasonable and generally predictable period of time. Therapy services provided to adults in Mi Via are to focus on health maintenance, improving functional independence, community integration, socialization, exercise or to enhance supports and normalization of family relationships.

Behavioral Support Consultation

Behavior Support Consultation (BSC) services consist of functional support assessments, positive behavior support plan/treatment plan development and training and support coordination for a participant related to behaviors that compromise a participant’s quality of life. Services are provided in an integrated, natural setting or in a clinical setting.

The State prohibits the use of any restraints, restrictive interventions and/or seclusion in the implementation of Mi Via Waiver services. Examples of these could include the use of forced physical guidance, over correction, isolation, physical restraint, mechanical restraint and/or chemical restraint designed as aversive methods to modify behavior. Mi Via participant’s have the right to be free from restraint, restrictive interventions, seclusion and coercion.

Nutritional Counseling

Nutritional counseling services are designed to meet the unique food and nutritional needs of Mi Via participants. This does not include oral-motor skill development services, such as those provided by a speech pathologist.

Private Duty Nursing for Adults

Private Duty Nursing for Adults (21 years and older) services include activities, procedures, and treatment for a participant’s physical condition, physical illness or chronic disability.

Specialized Therapies

Specialized therapies are non-experimental therapies or techniques that have been proven effective for certain conditions. Services must be related to the participant’s disability or condition, ensure the participant’s health and welfare in the community. The service will supplement (not replace) the participant’s natural supports and other community services for which the participant may be eligible.

Experimental or investigational procedures, technologies or therapies and those services covered in Medicaid state plans are excluded. Only the specific specialized therapy services such as acupuncture, biofeedback, chiropractic, cognitive rehabilitation therapy, hippotherapy, massage therapy, narapathy, Native American healing therapies and play therapy are covered in the Mi Via program.