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Health Facility Provider Search


The Division of Health Improvement (DHI) is moving to the Health Care Authority (HCA). Our current webpages have moved to the Official HCA Website. Please go there for all future DHI updates.

Nursing Home Provider Search

Looking for Survey Reports of licensed health facilities?
To find a nursing home survey report licensed in New Mexico go to the Medicaid “Nursing Home Compare (Search and Information)” link below.
For all other licensed health facilities please go to our “Health Facility Provider Search” link below.

Search Medicare Nursing Home Compare

Nursing Home Compare provides details on nursing homes across the country. This includes nursing home inspection results, staffing levels, enforcement actions that the federal government have taken against the nursing homes and how well nursing home residents were treated in specific areas of care.

Legacy Health Facility Provider Search

This searchable database of providers allows access to division of health improvement health facility survey reports.  They can be searched by provider type, county, city, or provider name.  Please note that searches can take a long time to complete.Our health facility survey reports are available online for you to access through the Health Facility Provider Search system.

The system allows you to search for providers by their service type, the county or city they're located, or simply by a specific provider name.

Once you find the provider you're looking for, there will be a reports icon that you can click to obtain a list of reports.

NOTE: Please note that provider searches can take a while to complete even after the first result appears in your web browser, so please be patient while all of the search results are retrieved.

Tips for Using the “Provider Search” tool

  • 1. Select type of facility
  • 2. Select search criteria: Choose County, City or Name
  • 3. If you are not sure of the current name of a facility use the location of county or city
  • 4. You can also use a partial name (less is better is some cases) try one word of the name and search for results long names may get filtered out. (i.e. use “Albuquerque” instead of “Albuquerque Heights healthcare and rehabilitation center”.)
  • 5. Provider search only searches for open facilities, if they have closed they are no longer in the system.
  • 6. If they have changed there name search by location, County or City and look for their physical address in the results.

for additional information regarding provider search email: Danny Maxwell

Inspection of Public Records Act Request

For more information to request public records, please visit Inspection of Public Records Act