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Licensees (Dispensaries)

With the passage of HB2 in the 2021 special session, enactment of the Cannabis Regulation Act (CRA) is effective June 29, 2021, upon the signature of Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham. For more information and resources on Adult Use, please visit: Cannabis Control Division

Electronic Card Letter to Licensees – December 2022


Patients who hold proof of authorization to participate in the medical cannabis program of another state of the United States, the District of Columbia, a territory or commonwealth of the United States or a New Mexico Indian nation, tribe or pueblo may lawfully purchase a quantity of cannabis in accordance with NMAC

  • Eligible individuals can register at a participating dispensary by bringing:
    • Government issued proof of enrollment in another medical cannabis program; and
    • Government issued picture ID.
    • Please Note: both the proof of enrollment and the picture ID must be government issued and from the same location:
      • For example, if you are enrolled in the medical cannabis program in Colorado, the government issued ID must also demonstrate your residency in Colorado.
  • Reciprocal Participants can purchase up to 425 units of medical cannabis tax-free in every “rolling” 90-day period.
  • Residents of New Mexico cannot be Reciprocal Participants but can enroll in The New Mexico Department of Health Medical Cannabis Program Online Portal.

Reciprocal Licensees

Licensees (dispensaries) approved by the Cannabis Control Division, may submit a Reciprocal Licensee Application from the Department of Health, Medical Cannabis Program. This application once approved will allow Licensees to submit Reciprocal Participant Application(s).

For information on how to become a Reciprocal Licensee and how to submit Reciprocal Participant Applications, read our instructions: Reciprocal Licensee Registration and Reciprocal Participant Applications.

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